The Power of Audacity to Change the Trajectory of Your Career

The thought of constraints and “impossible” things has the power to keep you bound to the status quo as a professional. There’s a more productive outlook that can potentially transform your enterprise. It starts with a little audacity.

My expertise is in dental consulting, so I’ll use the term dentrepreneur (dental entrepreneur) throughout my writing, but please keep in mind that the power of audacity isn’t confined to the walls of a dental office. Any entrepreneur can use this advice to change their business. So whether you’re a medical doctor, a chiropractor, a dentist, or even the owner of a little mom-and-pop’s shop, if you’re an entrepreneur, put this advice to action and open doors you thought were impossible.

Let’s start the discussion of this new strategy with a quote that fits the mentality like a glove:

“What do I believe is impossible to do in my field, but if it could be done would fundamentally change my business?” — Andy Stanley

There’s a bit of audacity in those words. Since we’re talking about it, let’s define “audacity,” because it has much to do with how you will define your future as a dentrepreneur.

According to Steve Farber (The Radical Leap), “Audacity is a ‘bold and blatant disregard for normal constraints.’”

Audacity changes your perspective on the “impossible.” A change in attitude can potentially change the trajectory of your career.

Breakthroughs and Breaking Free

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness. My desire is to ignite and inspire your dentrepreneurial thinking through our content, training, and solutions. The results are, of course, up to you… but the difference can be the collaboration you experience.

It’s inspiring to believe that you control your momentum for breaking free from the limitations of serving patients as a solo-practice dental provider. There must be more, right? And there is.

It’s time to break free, achieve new breakthroughs, and transform your business without constraints.

Start with a Creative Permission-Mindset

As a dentrepreneur you have complete, thorough, and utter creative permission to design and act. On what? New ideas, bold initiatives, and breakthrough innovation for starters.

Heres how:

  • Get out of your own way! Give yourself creative permission to unleash your mind around ideas. Remember a portion of Farber’s definition of audacity—having a “disregard for normal constraints.” Think of your vision creatively. Open your mind to serving your community or region with a dentist-owned, emerging large group, multi-provider or multi-location model.
  • Push through your mental constraints whatever they are. List all the audacious ideas you have—those seemingly impossible notions of your future beyond a single facility, one team, a limited number of chairs and ops—and then start a game plan to achieve them.
  • Pull up your boot-straps and pursue bold initiatives. Throw down the gauntlet to innovation. Pursue a zero-based mindset of no ceiling . . . no city limits.

Develop An Omission-Attitude

It’s important to say “yes” to your ideas. And it’s equally productive to say “no” on occasion. But “no” isn’t always negative or restraining, sometimes it’s freeing. Omit all the doubts you have about those audacious ideas.

Stop listening to your P&L (Profit & Loss) ledger when it tells you “history” is doomed to repeat itself.

Your dentrepreneur path will be full of risk, twists, turns, peaks, and valleys. Knowing how to manage the ups-and-downs will increase your gratitude. Remember, you’re embracing something the majority of your colleagues won’t—a fundamental change in your approach to leading and building your business.

Cultivate A Commission-Focus

Dentrepreneurship isn’t about changing the “world,” as we know it. But it IS about changing your corner of it. Being a dentrepreneur allows you to offer greater, more fulfilling opportunities to the next generation of dentists. You will create a legacy of skill development, leadership, mentoring, and providing care.

Avoid listening to the proverbial voices-of-reason. They will give you a thousand reasons not to embark on your quest. This is essentially “WHY” Dentrepreneur Solutions exists. We’re establishing a progressive, audaciously-minded, possibility-thinking tribe of dental professionals like you. And if you’ve felt any quickening of your pulse or felt any amount of audacity to change your future then we’re all-ears. We will listen to your distinctive approach to serving others with a greater capacity that involves other dentists/investors. Share it with us.

The Big Takeaway

People always say, “it’s easier said than done,” which is true for most things. We’ve defined the power of audacity and how being audacious can transform your business, but it’s not like audacity is a switch within your personality that you can turn on or off.

No. Audacity is about your attitude, your grit, and your determination to change your status quo. You can easily name off more than enough reasons for the need to be audacious as an entrepreneur, but the “how” to become audacious is the fuzzy part. The “how” starts with defining your audacious goals, then pushing past your comfort zones, and holding yourself accountable to their achievement.

The big takeaway is this—audacity starts with awareness.

Define your mental constraints, expound your audacious goals, and be conscious of both. This New Year’s, make this new outlook one of your New Year’s resolutions. It’s time to break free from your limitations by exploring a new attitude that has the power to change your business.

“There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance.” — Buddha

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