Why We Created Backbone

In today’s world, we have sticky notes, text messages, email, IM, Basecamp, Google calendars, Asana, Outlook, Act, EMR’s, EHR’s, PMS’s, spreadsheets, SMS, and even “smoke signals” for communication and interaction between owners and employees. Several years ago, we realized that everyone in our organization seemed to be using different ones. It was driving us insane. Do not get us wrong, we love spreadsheets (yes, we are numbers geeks), but after fifteen years of using them extensively, we know this to be true; no matter how good you are with them (and we got pretty dang good), you can never make them sexy enough to motivate people!

So we began looking for a solution.

After going through setup after setup, demo after demo, sales pitch after sales pitch, we started seeing that although there were many great solutions for enterprise level Inc 500 companies, there was nothing for us that would do what those crazy big expensive systems would do and ultimately – we wanted that tool!

What were we looking for? A small business, industry specific dashboard with intelligence.

  • We wanted the ability to access our data and act upon it in real time.
  • We wanted to engage employees with the same level of accountability we were doing on paper, but in a more impactful way by giving all of us (including executives) a 360 degree view.
  • We wanted a reward system that encourages individual productivity and shifts behavior naturally.
  • And finally, we wanted reproducible, predictable training from anywhere on the planet.

What we discovered can be summed up in one word; gamification. The result of all these powerful tools was a paradigm shift within our organization that increased productivity and profitability, while making the work environment more fun.

Imagine Your Business With Backbone

Our Executive Team

Cory Frogley, DC

CEO, Co-founder

Brian Johnston, DC

VP Sales

Kirk Wersland, DC


Scott Frogley, DC

COO, Co-founder

Dental Advisory Board

Rhonda Mullins

CEO, Dentrepreneur Solutions

Mark Mosier, DDS, FAGD

Speaker, Author,
DSO Coach,
AADGP Board Member

Matthew Steinberg, DDS, FAGD, FACD, FICD

Allen S. Jorgensen

Lighthouse 360,
Coach, Speaker

Larry Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT

Consultant, Speaker, Author, Trainer