The Deadly Duo

The reason Americans are accepting of the widening gap between the rich and everyone else is national conceit and lottery mentality. As business owners, we need to trade these mentalities for ones that allow us to invest in a purpose and help ourselves as we help others.

Did You Know Your Workplace Pecking Order is Killing Your Production?

Chickens live in flocks. All flocks of domestic chickens will establish a pecking order—a hierarchy establishing status and used to maintain control over the flock. For centuries, this top-down hierarchy has been observed and we’ve seen it implemented throughout human history from social status to military ranks and even within the workplace. Being the youngest of ten children, this environment of hierarchy is easily relatable to me. But does this top-down power flow breed the greatest environment for creativity and production within your company?

The Three Pillars to Building SEO in 2016

There are tons of strategies out there to increase search engine optimization (SEO), but if you’re new to building SEO campaigns, you might have a hard time determining what is tried-and-true and worth your precious time. Allow us to help you close the gap between knowing SEO is important and doing something to build it for your company’s success. With a lot of research, SEO experience of our own, and a marketing team on our side, we’ve broken down the three pillars of SEO in 2016 to help you structure an SEO campaign that provides real results.

Which One of Us Should Say, “Thank you,” When I Hand Out A Paycheck?

It is a simple question about perspective. I have been on both ends. I remember the days of being a poor student struggling to keep a dime in the checking account. The anticipation for that paycheck from the part-time job that I fit into the evenings between ten hours of school and four more hours of studying before my face hit the pillow, was like water in the desert. I longed for it, I needed it, and I couldn’t wait to have it, because I HAD to have it to survive.

What You Need to Know About the Common Cold and How to Nip it in the Bud

As the cold and flu seasons begin to take their toll, you’re probably in a panic trying to avoid such distress. The last thing you can afford is to get sick. Actually, the last thing you can afford is for your team to get sick. If you have a cold or catch a cold, we’ve got what you need to get you back in the saddle and prevent the cold virus from taking over your office.

Superfoods and Good Moods: What Every Boss Should Know

What you eat plays a big role in determining your disease risks, but did you know that it also has a huge affect on your state of mind? As the leader of your team, your mood sets the precedent for the day; performance starts and ends with you. Luckily, an instant jolt of happiness is just a spoonful away. Keep these good mood foods on hand and boost the energy that drives production and customer relations within your business. It’s just that simple.

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