Why Backbone Works:

The Principles Behind the Technology



As you inspire your team to achieve more, you can implement an automated reward system. As the business grows, your employees feel appreciated and motivated as a result. Did I mention that its automated?



Backbone’s real-time reporting allows you to quickly analyze the performance of individuals, teams, departments, or your entire company. You will have access to your data on any device, wherever you are. Automatic notifications will tell you if something needs your immediate attention.



Backbone delivers training tools right to your finger tips. Videos and courses in Backbone University, our one-of-a-kind training hub, will teach your employees how they can improve. Training videos can also help you as an executive to effectively manage and grow your business.



It is a proven fact that when performance is measured, reported, and adjusted, that performance will improve. Backbone empowers you to implement these principles in your business. Knowing whats working and whats holding you back, will allow you to make the right decisions, at the right time.