Brian Johnston, VP Sales

Brian joined backbone in 2012 as VP of sales. He has worked extensively with the executive board to help orchestrate and accelerate the growth of the company. He has 20 years of sales and leadership experience. Brian started his career in 1995 in the world of chiropractic. His passion became building and selling successful practices. Brian’s success led to consulting and brokering practices. With his success came his favorite title of “chiropreneur”.

Brian’s craving for improving on all levels and phenomenal mentors brought new challenges that helped mold his professional career. His natural charisma and charm helped him develop a knack in the game of connecting and relationships. These talents opened doors of success in sales and marketing for companies in MLM, chiropractic, dental and finance. As Brian has looked back at his professional path, he is excited to use all he has learned and bring his talents to backbone.

With all the success and many zig zag’s in life, Brian is always quick to note that he is most proud of his three incredible children.