Cory Frogley, CEO

Cory co-founded backbonepro LLC in 2012 after spending 2 years speaking and coaching small businesses all around the country. Cory and his partners had a vision of combining traditional business coaching and technology. For years tools had been on the market for big business to obtain and watch their business data on one platform. Backbonepro was created to close the gap for an affordable small business tool and bring data to their fingertips.

Cory’s vision of providing data and engaging the small business teams from the owner, managers and the individual employee has been a huge success. It has created a team environment that cultures employee accountability and production. Measuring performance wasn’t enough though, Cory wanted a way to dramatically improve performance with automated training which has led to the creation of their new product, BlueIQ, poised to release Q4 of 2015.

Previously to backbonepro, Cory has been the co-founder/CEO of: